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Veganuary 2018 is here!

Mon 15th Jan

As we trudge further into the depths of the year’s most depressing month, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom this January. Many of us are trying (emphasis on ‘trying’) to live out that #NewYearNewYou mantra by ditching the booze and eating cleaner… easier said than done when you’re inundated with a flurry of ‘beat the January blues’ dinner invites, and boozy birthday brunches that you just can’t seem to get out of, right? To that, we say: if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. So with our January round up of restaurants offering a wide range of veggie, vegan and GF options, you’ll have the naysayers hashtagging ‘Veganuary’ faster than you can say ‘juice cleanse’… shudders…

N London (Islington)

Who? The Blacksmith and the Toffeemaker

Who for? The ‘cheese’ fiends

Insta: blacksmith_and_toffeemake

What’s the deal?

  • The restaurant decided to go fully vegan in January 2018
  • With offerings such as vegan chorizo, jalapeño and refried bean grilled cheese sandwich with polenta fries, it’s safe to bring your meat-eating mates
  • They have created their own vegan mozzarella dippers, halloumi burgers and even a vegan mac, cheese and pesto grilled sandwich
  • Plus, it’s 2 for 1 on food if you bring in a donation for the Islington food bank

S London (Deptford)

Who? The Full Nelson Deptford

Who for?  Fast-food junkies

Insta: thefullnelsondeptford

What’s the deal?

  • Smoky vegan cheese and BBQ sauce dripping out of meat-free burgers
  • Vegan poutine (chips topped with gravy and cheese)
  • Seitan (‘wheat meat’ – a food made from wheat gluten) chicken wings served with creamy vegan sauces

E London (Dalston)

Great lasagna

Who? Fed by Water

Who for? Italian stallions

Insta: fedbywater

What’s the deal?

  • Fill your boots on healthy Italian food… made using only purified water. Meaning you leave feeling mega smug
  • By removing all the impurities found in tap water like limescale, chlorine, bacteria and other nasties, the food tastes incredible and makes you feel better
  • Lots of GF options available
  • Activated charcoal base, a true winner for your IG

W London (West Kensington)


Who? 222 Veggie Vegan

Who for? Clean-eaters

Insta: 222vegancuisine

What’s the deal?

  • No deep-friers, no microwaves…
  • Buffet lunch full of all the colours of the rainbow
  • Guaranteed to make you feel better should you fall off the Dry Jan wagon

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Words by Harriet