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Dish – Eat out, For less.

Mon 12th Mar

What’s Dish all about, then? 

At Dish, we’re all about food. My co-founder Suf and I first bonded over a curry (courtesy of @curryshack – one for the list) at the London South Bank food market, back when we were both consultants looking for a break from making powerpoint slides all day. Since then, we’ve ditched the powerpoints and been on the hunt for great restaurants across our city; from Wagyu in Westminster to truffles in Torquay, (…ok, maybe not that far) we’ve taken it upon ourselves to taste test the great food in our cities. The truth is; we love eating out, you love eating out. The only problem? The price.  

Enter Dish. Many restaurants experience periods of low demand, particularly weekdays during the ‘post-lunch slump’. Though times vary from restaurant to restaurant, they tend to struggle to fill their tables throughout the day… that’s where you come in.

Our mission is to bring people back together at amazing restaurants in their city, by making great food more accessible to those on a budget. We’re teaming up with restaurants around our cities (London and Melbourne) to bring real time discounts for you and your friends.

How does it work?

Restaurateurs can create real time discounts on their menus at times of low demand, encouraging people to head to their eateries, filling seats (and mouths) that would otherwise have been empty providing you, the consumer, with substantial discounts of up to 50% off your meal.

Simply go to the Dish website ( to search for the latest offers around you, either for now or later on, bag a discount, then boom, you’re good to go. Head to the restaurant at the time you’ve secured, give your name and the discount will be applied to your bill.

Can I use it now to find restaurants?

Stay tuned, fellow salivators. We’re busy behind the scenes working on our website and chatting to great local restaurants to bring them on board with Dish. Our initial launch will focus on restaurants on Farringdon, St Pauls and parts of East London as well as Collingwood, Melbourne, but rest assured, we’re continually adding amazing restaurants to our repertoire and will be expanding to an area near you in the not-too-distant future.

In the mean-time sign-up here to receive updates on the latest offers and hear about the restaurants we bring on board.