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Bringing people back to the great restaurants in our city

Thu 9th Nov

The new melting pots

London and Melbourne are among the world’s most vibrant and exciting melting pots. London has a great history of different cultures and restaurants hitting its neighbourhoods, while Melbourne is one of the fastest growing cities out there. And what unites both city slickers and overtired tourists? Great grub. Sink your teeth into a bowl of ramen in either city and not only are you experiencing a culinary masterpiece, you’re also devouring its culture.

Amazing, yet the number of visits to restaurants has been declining on average in that last few years… why? Well, you could say we’re getting lazy. There’s been a massive rise in the number of takeaway delivery services that has driven us out of restaurants and onto our sofas. That’s not all, there’s a growing number of ‘ghost restaurants’ (especially in the US) that have no physical location and offer delivery-only services.

What about Dish?

So that’s why we’re teaming up with restaurants to offer real-time discounts at great restaurants in London and Melbourne. By giving restaurants the power to offer discounts via Dish, you as a customer is then entitled to up to 50% off your meal with a voucher code from Dish.

We’re hoping that by making it more affordable, people will choose to eat out and sample some of the amazing cuisines that our cities have to offer, from Ethiopian food in Caledonian road, to traditional Lombardian cuisines in London Fields (more about that in our next post!)

So, here’s our challenge –  our mission – if you will. Join us on this journey bringing people back into the great restaurants of our cities!

Words by Jay